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// Claudius is the oldest. When I arrived, I felt that the cell was his. Even now. He cuts images, he sticks them on the walls. He seems feeling at home.
He tinks shelves, stuffs. I do not ask him anything, my wall is nude. //
Words of the captive Koffi, Si bleu, si calme, an extraordinary documentary by Eliane de Latour

Ulica Krakusa, 31, Lodz, Poland. It is coldly snowing today. After having walked through an unpretentious entrance hall, we discover
the back of a courtyard. Here in this old building, there is nothing else but empty little storage. It is as dark inside as it seems to be outside.

The owner of the space asked us to propose an accommodation program fitting the existing building dimensions (560 x 1287 x 677 cm).
The freedom this program offered led me to base my reflection on the boundaries we need install between publicity and privacy.
Communitarian life implies spatial cores dedicated to each degree of sharing. This is, above all, a matter of time: from the sunrise
to the sunset, the social organisation involves a spatial materialisation adequate to its needs. The furniture can extend the function
of a room. Movements are sufficient to create a core of activities.

Large curved windows open the rooms on the outside. The private spaces - four bedrooms, with bathrooms - are directed towards
the South, whereas the public cores enjoy the light of the North West. I defined these common spaces according to three responds
to our needs: food and drink, on level 0; culture and creation, on level 1; relaxation and table tennis, on the roof. These spaces
are open to each other, developing a continuum from one level to another. The concrete furniture corresponds to extended
shapes on the walls, i.e. to the simplest answer to the basic needs of living, and this is the most directand invisible intervention
that allows habitants to appropriate space - for example, by deciding to paint these shapes, like tatoos - in an architectural
object which would be empty of history without them.

Lodz, 2013

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