The mind structures has been conceived to gather the productions of four eclectic spirits. The scaffold tells the story
of its unexpected encounter: this was not only about building a receptacle to our works, but also proposing a significative
space, a narrative area, where several times and spaces meet.

The essential elements of the human building found the space: the scaffold, eternal development work tool, and the one's
basic shelter - above our heads, a roof - generate our last thoughts displayed-studio. Thus, shaped as a temporary shed,
the mind structures constitutes our allegoric think thank, questioning what is the interior architecture, in fine,
a space where travel imagination fluxes.

project developed with Nadine Kesting, Martina Pirklbauer and Yana Zschiedrich for Passagen - interior design week Köln, supported by:

    the AIT scholarship,
    the STO foundation,
    & Gabriel gerüstbau.

mon image

            ▱ the east is closer: oct. MMXII ⚊ may MMXIII ▱▱ dreamy hometowns: july MMXIII ⚊ jan. MMXIV ▱▱▱ our branch made
                                  of tree's wood: feb. MMXIV ⚊ june MMXIV ▱▱▱▱ 543'-14'' nord, 220'-19'' est: sept. MMXIV ⚊ dec. MMXIV

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